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SF Recommendation/ Bike over GG:

Posted by puppetmaster3 on July 30, 2010

Here is a way to see a lot of Bay Area in a few hours, what I do when friends visit. Bike over GG, (print this) , but they give you the map also:

Get to Pier 39, AM is best. You can take the cable car to it from “downtown”/Market St. else you’ll have issues getting in/out. Rent a bike @39 next to #1 on the map. Instead of meeting at Pier 39, consider meeting in Union Sq, where cable car starts, have a Crepe breakfast there, then “jump” on cable car to @39.

Bike(work out mode) along the coast(bearing right) to #3@ Map. Luca’s Arts there has statue of Yoda. It’s fun looking for it.

Bike to #4, rest a lot, a short uphill is coming(some walk it) and it’s also a half way point. Rest some more.

Bike over GG(you should have a “windbreaker” type of a jacket), to enjoy GG take your time, take pics, go to #8 on map. A little trick, after crossing GG, carry the bike all the way to the right @ 20 yards (and rest there, some great views). Then follow trail to the right and single file go downhill all the way.

This is basically the end of the bike ride at #8. Find out when the ferry is going back to Pier 39. Lock bikes good (or someone watch them) and shop a little, enjoy. Eat. I like http://www.yelp.com/biz/hamburgers-sausalito (print it).

The ferry goes by Alcatraz on the way back.

If you want more, cab to http://www.betelnutrestaurant.com after.

(I can be talked into joining you)


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