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RFE Flash runtime/player 11:

Posted by puppetmaster3 on August 18, 2010

Here is some low-lying fruit for FP11:

1. Native crypto:
Like Silverlight.

2. GPU info:
This might be hard, but do some browsers know GPU info?
Work w/ browser team.

3. Document in live docs alternatives to Events for performance.
Popular FW/libs (Hype, CasaLib) don’t use events, they use closures and callbacks.
Adobe Performance paper says don’t use events. RobotLegs/Signals, most popular FW, uses QT like signals.

4. Haxe(mtasc)/Alchemy have great compiler.
mxmlc should also.

5. Apparat compression of swf.
Add as ant step.
Also Joa’s “static functions” language can be leverage for those cases.

6. Native “fast corner detection” and “very fast sorting” for 3d/AR apps. Look at AsSURF, Away3D.

7. Parity w/ WebGL/Unity

8. Native JSON parser built in.
XML is 10x larger.

9. Compile to .js, like Haxe and Laszlo. This allows me to write in .as and support iCrap devices: write once, run aywhere.

10. When marketing Flex (big/slow) give some room to native .as. (ex: muSprite/MinimalComponents) in LiveDocs.

11. Embed tag is bad.
Give some props to loading, like you would in .js. It makes Flash look bad relative.

12. In livedocs of timer.. explain about onFrame might be a plus.

13. Air… native GPU.
It does not use browser.

14. Bring key projects in for demo day of FP11: MinimalComponents, AsSURF(/FLAR), Away3D. (CasaLib, Hype, Aether, as3Corelib, BetweenAS3, etc.), Joa/Apparat, etc.

15. When marketing heavy MVC(Cairngorm/OSMF), explain 2 tier is ok, ex: loading SWF w/ functionality.

16. When marketing designer+developer, have live docs mention Ant, CI and: Hudson.

17. When marketing FlexUnit, in livedocs mention AsUnit.

18. When positioning Flash in browser… it’s ok for Flash to be 100%!

19. Are any consoles supported (like Unity): XBox, PS3, Wii, GoogleTV

20. No 3d Collada from Adobe. Acquire http://www.erain.com/products/swift3d/Papervision3D/Default.asp

21. Don’t work “long” process that bypasses onFrame. Flash is like OpenGL.

22. Consensus from FITC was… if Adobe does not get WebGL and Unity parity by Q1 ’11/FP 11… they are done.

23. “Deprecate” av1. Some (ads) are nudged to work on FP8. When player detects as2… display an alpha message for 2 seconds saying it needs to be upgraded. In FP11.

27. Classloader loads only SWF. Support SWC, much easier.

28. Talk up static function and http://drawlogic.com/2010/08/21/interesting-jitb-flash-player/

29. Have real A listers demo FP11 (Joa, Robert, Ralh, Eugine. And build in some AR helper class, like fast edge detector).


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