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FITC “trip” report:

Posted by puppetmaster3 on August 20, 2010

Went to OSMF session… basic, like when to use imports. (he plans to update presentation for Max).

Went to A-listers, mostly on performance. Trying to get FP to go over 1K polygons as 24FPS is tricky, requires fast sorts:

  • Joa E. of Aparat, using static functions in byte code for speed, promised Obfuscator soon. Lots of people are using Aparat to make SWF 40% smaller.
  • Ralph H. of Aviery showed optimized .as code and promised interactivity demo soon.
  • Eugene Z. of SURF showed optimized alchemy code, and optimized fast edge finder.
  • Robert of Away3D talked about optimized .as in Haxe and fast WebGL. Also events are slow.
  • Nicolas of Haxe showed more Haxe and ObjectiveC support.
  • Unity(alternative to flash) showed speed, will add “google supported” video in Q4 in v3.
  • 2 sessions: Brandon of Hype and the Mike C. from CasaLib said not to use events, and use pools.
  • Bruno: FDT (and FlashDevelop) will support Haxe.
  • Jim Corbett talked about .as speed, reducing # of Sprites and asked for input for FP11 features (which I plan to give him). I did have lunch w/ him and talked about issue filed by my boss on optimizing crypto.
    Jim said bytearay in FP11 will be as fast as Haxe and Alchemy.
    He said before FP11 video will go from 40% cpu in 10.1 to 1% CPU utilization before FP11.
    Tibo and Tinic where there + 6 more FP from Adobe that I did not know.
    I did have a class loading issue w/ remote SWF and have to connect w/ Andre of the FP team, the guy that works on class loader. (plan to give him example).

How many A-listers do you recognize?

I talked to some A-listers… they assume FP11 will have parity w/ Unity and WebGL, but I am not sure it will.


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